Booking Engine

  • Booking Capability & Tools
  • Live, Up-to-Date Access
  • Email Communication
  • Reporting Capability
  • Secure Payment Processing

Booking Capability & Tools

The Booking Engine allows you to make bookings online and pay for them later that day. This lets agents reserve space and price for an itinerary, send it off to their clients for approval, then confirm the booking with payment before a specified time. Booking tools make it easy to find flights and hotels extremely fast. There are a number of filtering options available so you can get your clients exactly what they need. The filtering options for flights include choosing a window of time for arrivals and departures, the number of stops, type of contract, maximum length of a layover, and for your clients who are flexible, you can search up to a week’s time at once for both the departure and return. With hotels you are able to search the exact hotel and location. You are also shown a map of with hotels showing where they are located in relation to the city center. This allows you to see the pricing for any hotel offered in the area your clients are looking.

Live, Up-to-Date Access

The Booking Engine updates automatically allowing you to see the most current and up-to-date content available for flights and hotels. These automatic updates allow you to be sure you are receiving the most accurate information for your clients.

Email Communication

The Booking Engine is configured to make communication with your clients easy. When you make a booking, you have the option of sending your client a passenger quote or passenger receipt. These quotes and receipts can be tailored to show your company’s logo and contact information. You also have the ability to edit the page before sending, allowing you to do things like protect your commission by adding it in the rules.

Secure Payment Processing

SSL certificates are always used and allow secure connections from web servers to browsers. The Booking Engine also meets all PCI DSS requirements. Credit card information is automatically passed on to the merchant and is not stored in the system, making it very secure.

Reporting Capability

The Booking Engine makes it simple to view any report your company needs. Types of reports include daily bookings, daily voids, carriers and contracts, top agents, top agencies, top destinations, customer service, daily ticketing and monthly ticketing.